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Food Photography and Styling


Everyone loves food. But the biggest challenge comes in getting customers to love your food, getting them to get off social media and pick up your product.

The key? Making them drool over it with incredible food photography and styling.

With a background in hospitality, both as a chef and out the front, I may have left the restaurant kitchen behind, but I’ve traded it for top-quality food cooking and styling instead. I love good food, wine and dining, so being able to put my two passions together, creativity and cuisine, is a match made in heaven for me.

Meats, sweet treats, spices, superfood mixes, nuts, gift hampers, and decadent chocolate – I’ve loved every client we’ve been able to work with, and I’m excited to create even more mouth-watering food photography.

I can help convey your brand’s message through:

  • A background in hospitality – I have the passion and culinary knowledge to cook and style food to create imagery that inspires everyone from serious chefs, to the foodies who are in it for fun.
  • Creating a theme and overall look and feel for your images that resonate with your brand. A general theme helps your audience automatically recognise your content and associate it with your products.
  • Our famous flat lays – there are many flat lay styles to choose from, we will personalise our flat lays to suit your brand.
  • Crafting images that set a scene, either helping a customer envision how they’d use your product, or showing them an aspirational lifestyle, one where your beauty product is pivotal to reaching that state.
  • Stopping their thumbs from scrolling and keeping their eyes lingering on your images longer than your competition.


This is a start up styling and photography package for businesses or individuals who are looking for a limited number of beautifully styled images for a website update or for those looking to simply spice up their social media.

In this photography and styling package you will receive ten images, styled in a way that is relevant to your brand, products and your business.

10 styled images for $500

All pricing excludes GST

Additional charges for props may apply


If you love to keep your Instagram and Facebook looking fresh with stunning images, then this package is for you. 

We will style and photograph twenty five images of your product in a relevant setting. Great for social media, websites, and promotional and marketing material.

25 styled images for $1175

All pricing excludes GST

Additional charges for props may apply


This package is great if you are just starting out in business or if you want to give your product a comprehensive new look.

We will style and photograph fifty images of your product in relevant settings. 

Perfect if you just don’t have the time to be constantly thinking of new ways to keep your images interesting.

50 styled images for $2250

All pricing excludes GST

Additional charges for props may apply


Keep on top of things by automatically receiving new images each month. 

This styling and photography package is a great option if you are often releasing new products or if you just want one less thing to think about! 

Each month we will provide you with new stunning images to use on social media.  Easy!

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements with and we can develop a package to suit you

Price on application


This package is perfect if you have a food product that you want to show in action. 

We can cook and style recipes provided by you or come up with our own dishes that show just how delicious your product is.   

A one stop shop which provides you with imagery to inspire your audience.

As many or as few images as you require to showcase your product

Price on application

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“Nikki is great to work with, professional, creative & enthusiastic. She came up with a look we love & will be around for ever, the images are modern and fresh. Media & customers alike have requested the images to use in their own campaigns which is great”

-Christine West
Herb and Spice Mill

What our clients say

Why I love food photography and styling…

A passion for food, paired with my flair for creativity means that being a freelance food stylist enables me to bring two of my loves together and call it ‘work’!

Creating drool-worthy food photos and coming up with new and innovative food photo ideas is an opportunity I leap at. Food photography and styling is fun, for both the creativity and the culinary skills I get to put to use! There’s the variety of fresh produce, the inspiration from different cuisines or parts of the world the product comes from, the mood that the food should inspire or portray, the utensils and kitchen equipment – there’s endless ways for us to use our creative food styling and photography expertise to convey your brand’s message and that’s what I love the most!

Looking for a professional food stylist? I’d love to discuss how I could help you create beautiful imagery to captivate your customers.

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