Koko Body

For Koko body we created a beautiful dark and moody aesthetic to complement the bold and graphic packaging of their face masks. 

We used hard, dark textures and softened the look with pops of botanical colour throughout. We incorporated lots of natural textures and used hands in a couple of shots to help viewers picture how this product would fit into their lives.  All shots were taken with natural light with a combination of harsh sunlight and more filtered light to create contrast throughout the image set. 

Koko body images are moody and bold, natural, and textural with botanical accents.  Koko body has used these images on their social media and website.

Wow! Is what I thought when I saw the images Nikki created for us. She nailed the dark, moody botanical aesthetic I described perfectly. We constantly get feedback on how gorgeous our product cards, posters and images are and that’s all thanks to Nikki skill.

Micaela Brown – Owner – Koko Body