Product Styling – How the process works

Have you been thinking about getting some product styling done for your business or brand but you’re not sure where to start?  I’m here to break down the process for you and let you know just how simple it all is.

Before beginning the consultation process it is always a good idea to have a look through my gallery of work (here) and get an idea of the styles that you like.  Start a Pinterest board with some ideas and make sure you have a clear picture of the direction you want to take.  Obviously I am here to supply ideas and concepts as well but if you have clear brief to begin with it makes it a lot easier to bring your ideas to life.

Next you need to choose the base package that you would like to go with based on the number of images you need.  If you want a specific number of images that is not listed contact me (here) to discuss a tailored package to suit.

At this point you can email or call me to discuss the booking slots that are available, this is very dependent of the number of images that you would like.  Sometimes there is a waiting period so it’s good to get in early, especially if you need the images for an event or print deadline.

Once you are all booked in then the exciting part starts and we can create your concepts and ideas.  I have a brief that I ask all clients to fill out to make sure I have a clear understanding of your brand and the look you want to create. If you could provide some image examples of the styles you like this is extremely helpful, a explanation of why you like these images is always great too. Check out our Pinterest for endless amounts of Inspiration…

When I have read through your completed brief I will get back to you with any questions about anything I feel needs further explanation.  Of course if you have any questions at any point throughout the process you are more than welcome to sing out.

If you have any special measurement requirements for your images (print ads, banners etc.) please let me know so I can crop accordingly.

You’ll need to send your stock to me at least a week before your booking date.  If you have specific groups of items that you want photographed together these need to be clearly labeled.

In the brief you will have specified the type of props you would like to see in the images.  If you are after something specific that I don’t currently have you are welcome to send your own props or I can purchase things on your behalf with the cost being added to your invoice.  My prop collection is growing by the day and there are not a lot of things that I don’t have 🙂 Check out our services page for more info about props and backgrounds.

This is when the real fun begins!  When I get underway I will send you the first shot just to ensure I am on the right track.  This is the perfect time to make any tweaks if required.

The turn around time will depend on the number of images you get but as a general rule I would suggest the following:

10 Images – 3-4 days

25 Images – 5 days

50 Images – 8 days

When the images are ready they are uploaded to Dropbox for you to enjoy.  I will send you the link to access the folder, you are then able to invite other users to access the folder with your permission.  You can also post directly to Instagram using the Dropbox app, genius!  The images are yours to use as you please, when sharing on social media if you choose to tag us in the images then of course we very much appreciate that but it’s not required.

I hope this answers any queries you may have had, if there is anything else that you would like to know about the process or to book your spot please contact us

Talk soon,



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