FAQ – What you need to know about the Product Styling process

We are kicking off the new year by answering all those tricky questions that we are always asked throughout the product styling process.  We aim to make the process as simple as possible so hopefully this info will iron out a few queries you may have.  If there is something that we have missed by all means get in touch and we will be happy to help.

How do I get started?

The best place to find all the initial information you need is our website, here you can view all our pricing, galleries, testimonials and loads more.  Once you have an idea of which package you would like to go with flick us an email and we can kick things off.  We will need to get you booked in for a date that suits both of us and we’ll ask you to complete our client questionnaire.  After that we iron out the finer details, you send your product and we get started with your images.

Do I need to make a booking?

Yes, definitely!  We are often booked up weeks in advance so if you need your images for a specific date or event then it is best to get in early to avoid disappointment and wait times.  It is not often that we have the capacity to be able to complete work at short notice so it is always a good idea to book your spot.

I am not based in Wellington; can we still work together?

Yes of course, we can work with products from any location.  If you can send them to us we can style them.

Will you travel to my place of work for a shoot?

We are more than happy to travel to your location if that is easier for you.  If this is something that you would like to do please get in touch so we can work out the details.  We would prefer to visit the location prior to the shoot if possible and travel costs may apply.

What is the cost of your product styling service?

We have no secrets here; all our pricing is listed on our website so you know the cost before you commit.  We are happy to provide an estimate for the cost of any extra props before we start as well.

Does the pricing on your website include GST?

No, all the pricing listed on our website is exclusive of GST and this will be added to your final invoice.

Are props included in the price and if not how much extra will I be charged?

I have a good collection of props that I update on a regular basis and generally the package price includes the use of these props.  If you require something more specific for your images that I don’t have then I can purchase it and add the cost to your final invoice.  If you have items that you would like included in the images then you are also welcome to send those for me to use.  Extra costs will apply when I need to purchase any additional items like fresh flowers or food items/ingredients.  I am happy to give you an estimate for these costs before I get started, especially if your shoot requires a lot of these items.

How long before I receive my images?

This depends on how many images you are booked in for but as a general rule I work to the following time frames:

10 images:          3 days

25 images:          5 days

50 images:          8 days

Do I have to tag Revised Edition in the images that I post on social media?

No this is not necessary; the images are yours to use as you please.  If you would like to share the love and tag us then of course we would appreciate that very much but it is totally up to you.

Have we missed anything?  If you have a burning question let us know so we can update this blog.  I hope this info has been helpful.



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