How to use colour to enhance your product photography and bring your brand images to life.

I have long been a fan of colour and when I first started Revised Edition my motto seemed to be “the more colour, the better” and I was adding as many bright colours as I could to every image. I have since learnt that there are many other ways to introduce colour without hitting people over the head with it, sometimes it’s better to be subtle.

I always ask clients about the colour palette they want to work with for their images, the most common answers are pastels and natural or muted tones.  It is not often that people want to go all in with the bright saturated colours but when they do it has amazing results.  Obviously this depends on your branding and the look you want to create with your images.

Since we are talking bright colour let’s start there…

Bright Colour

This one can be a little scary and you have to fully commit to colour if you are going to pull off this look.  If your branding and products are colourful it is probably a given that you would want colourful images.  If you are just venturing into the world of colour then you might want to consider introducing it in more subtle ways before you fully commit, if you are keen to take a risk I am up for that!!


Party Kit Company, the name says it all really – they sell amazing, brightly coloured partyware in kits so that you can buy everything you need for your next shindig in one package.  These people love colour and rightfully so as their brand is all about parties and celebration.  I was so excited about the brief for this one as I was told the more colour the better, woohoo!


This look works best when all the colours are the same saturation level, that just means that they are all working together and there is not one particular colour fighting for attention. I have chosen colours that are an extension of the colours of the product so the image comes together seamlessly as opposed to just a background with a bunch of mismatched props.


If your product is brightly coloured there are two options, you can either go all in with a brightly coloured background or choose a lighter coloured background (as above) and just keep the use of colour to the product and the props.  This is an eye catching, high impact style and if it fits with your brand aesthetic I think it is worth a try.  Perfect for party/celebration images, summer theme, arty or creative brands, brightly coloured product or branding.


The colourful background is a much subtler way of getting an injection of colour without diving in the deep end!  With this style, the colour is restricted to just the background with possibly a couple of similar coloured props to tie the two together. Bright backgrounds tend to really make the products stand out so this is a great option if you have more neutral branding.


I am like a kid in a candy store when choosing which colours to use for Habitat by Resene, the options really are endless, colour charts and test pots galore!  I try to pick a specific colour palette at the beginning of the project and stick with that all the way through.

Sphynx Razor have specific branding colours and the colour of the razors dictate which background colours I use.


The blue and green in the image of the drinks tray are a similar tone so they work well together, the pastel green shade on the tray adds a hint of subtlety which helps bring the look together.  Add a pop of yellow and you have a bright, harmonious combo.

The use of the orange background colour on the book in image two helps to reinforce that colour palette and tie the background and props together.


If you are keen to take a walk into the world of colour this style would work for most brands.  If you have colour in your branding already then that can be worked into the background colour or we can use a complementary colour.  If you have neutral products then they will jump off the background screaming for attention.  This is a great way to keep your Instagram feed in keeping with your branding.  Perfect for brightly coloured products, summer/spring theme, playful and creative brands.


Ahhhh pastels, probably the most requested colours.  I have been obsessed with pastels for some time now and have experimented with them in a number of ways in my own images.  Pastels are approachable, pretty and totally versatile when it comes to image styling so why not get on the pastel bandwagon?!



Oh Natural’s large range of natural beauty brands requires colour that is going to complement the products and not be too loud or overpowering.


There are so many different colours and products to work with here and the pastels are a nice way to bringing the images together as a collection.  The pastels work well with the natural aspect of the brand and allow the use of brighter coloured packaging or props where required while still keeping the natural/organic feel.  They work especially well when the products are bright as it really helps them to stand out.


Pastels are very versatile and lend themselves to any number of brands regardless of the packaging.  They are a great way to add subtle colour to your images while ensuring that your product is the centre of attention.  Unlike the brightly coloured background option, pastels don’t necessarily need to be part of your branding colours for this look to work, and they look great in your Instagram feed.  Perfect for natural/organic brands, beauty products, fashion brands, stationary… the list goes on!


This is fast becoming one of my favourite styles to experiment with, bringing in colour though natural elements is a great way to keep your images on brand but also incorporate colour without going over the top.  Natural tones can be introduced with greenery, fruit and veg, flowers and foliage, natural textures.


To portray the natural organic look of the brand with colour added through ingredients for a subtle, textural look.


All of these images tell the story of the brand through the use of natural elements, painting a picture of the candle fragrance, natural healthy drinks for an eco-friendly brand, greenery to complement the minimal interior look and natural elements to showcase the locally made small batch cider.  These looks work because they are all fitting with the brand aesthetic and the colour used is introduced through the natural elements.  Perfect for natural/organic brands, beauty products, homeware, food and drink.

I hope this is helpful and points you in the right colour direction for your brand.  If you prefer a more monochrome look I will be doing a separate blog post about that so watch this space.  If you would like to discuss how colour will work for your brand please get in touch, I am always happy to talk colour!  #colourfullife