My Journey To Becoming a stylist and photographer

Hi, I’m Nikki

Founder and passionate creative behind Revised Edition, the food photographer, product stylist and cook responsible for the creative styling and photography for brands across New Zealand and beyond.

My journey to Revised Edition has been an interesting one, one that has led me down many different paths but the one thing that stayed consistent was the need to be creative. My background is in the hospitality industry and it was here that I fuelled my passion for food, drinks and dining. After many years of working in kitchens, front of house, wineries, and retail I decided that I needed something new and exciting to focus on.

I left my last real job with no plan or vision for what the future might hold. When a friend asked me what my ideal job would be, I answered “food stylist” but at that point it just seemed impossible… how do I even go about that?

Then came Instagram and my obsession with the perfectly curated grid. It combined all the things that I loved – being creative, photography and of course food and cooking.  I ticked up a few (like, quite a few) hours creating for my own social media and I developed an understanding of the time commitment and skill needed to create scroll-stopping imagery, and I decided I wanted to share my skills with other businesses who may struggle in this area.  Revised Edition was born!

I remember creating the first flat lay I really loved, it was an “aha” moment for me – I knew this is what I wanted to do, back then I called it simply “making things look pretty”. Of course, the accountant in the family asked me if anyone was going to pay me to do this, I didn’t know the answer but the only way to find out was to try.

Fast forward a few years and I have had the privilege of working for some amazing people and brands both in NZ and internationally. I have amassed a treasure trove of props, created a home studio, and my images have been featured on many social media feeds, website magazines and even billboards.

Creative brand styling is making things look pretty, but it’s also a lot more than that. It’s creating a style and look that echoes your brand’s personality and telling a story; a story that is recognisable to your audience and invites and inspires people to be a part of your business. Whether that’s through buying your product, following your journey, or liking your photos on social media. Here at Revised Edition we offer a range of packages that will achieve just that. (View Here)

I am based in Wellington, New Zealand, and I would love to catch up for coffee to discuss design details. If you’re from elsewhere we can connect digitally, just send us your products and we will work our magic.

Let’s talk,

Nikki xx

We’ve worked with the wonderful Nikki of Revised Edition several times now, and she nails the brief every time. Through her simple and hugely effective processes, Nikki creates stunning images that showcase our wines and connect with our audience. The result? You look at these images and you feel hungry and thirsty and inspired, which is the exact impact we’re looking for.

On a personal level, Nikki is a delight to work with, she’s responsive on emails and as the client she keeps you updated on time frames for delivery which is always helpful from a project management perspective. Working with Nikki helps us to stay ahead of the curve and ensures we have a library of gorgeous images that make our wines shine.

Mikela Dennison – Marketing Manager – Te Pa Family Vineyards