Creative styling and photography is our passion – and our expertise.

In today’s highly competitive digital world, you need beautiful images that stand out and make the audience take notice. Consumers are bombarded with imagery, ads and content 24/7 and everyone has a story to tell, we make sure yours is the one being heard.

Food, beverage and product styling are our forte, either in our studio or at your place. So if you don’t have the props, creative styling skills, or simply lack the time, that’s where we work our magic with our range of creative photography and styling packages. We can ensure you have imagery that will make your social media and marketing content work for you and connect you with customers.

Our Services

Food Styling and Photography Service


With a background in hospitality, both kitchens and front of house, cooking and eating really has been our passion from a very young age.

We are the cook, stylist and photographer so we know how to prepare an exceptional plate of food, make it look beautiful and capture the final dish in its best light, setting the perfect scene for your brand’s food story.

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Beverage Styling and Photography


We are very passionate about having a good drink in our hand, whether it’s cocktails, wine, beer, coffee or kombucha.

Over the years we’ve gained experience from working in restaurants, wineries, and wine retail. This experience helps us understand vital elements such as flavour profiles, ingredients and food matching.

All beverage stories begin with a captivating scene and we love to create settings that are relatable and inspiring for your target market.

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Product Styling and Photography


We love product photography that pushes boundaries. The images we produce are on-brand, unique, surprising and most of all – inspiring.

Our knowledge of colours, textures, lighting and composition helps us craft scenes that make your products stand out in a competitive world.

We create imagery that gets people dreaming and paints a picture of how your product can fit into their lives.

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