Revised Edition creates innovative, unique still life product photography.

Our artistic imagery will elevate your brand, create an impact and build a story through colourful, creative, and thoughtful concepts.

Good photography is an essential part of your brand and as your product photographer we are dedicated to creating images that speak to your audience and highlight what it is that makes your business special.

Our product photography creates a story around your brand and ensures that your story is the one being heard.

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Beverage Photography Sample
Beverage Photography Example

Our Services

Product Styling & Photography Image

Product Styling and Photography


Good product photography pushes boundaries, is creative, and aligns well with your brand. Our expertise in product styling and photography means we have everything we need to get the perfect shot, whether it’s for an effective advertising campaign or to stand out on your website.

We create innovative images for your brand from scratch which means that there are often paintbrushes and power tools involved as we build set pieces and paint backdrops. There is nothing we won’t do for the perfect picture for your brand!

We will work with you to create imagery that speaks loud and clear to your audience and shows off the details that make people want to get behind your brand. We love the process of bringing your vision to life.

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Food Styling Photographer

Food Styling and Photography Service


Photography is all about emotion, for food photography we want to create the feeling of desire. Your food photos are absolutely the top deciding point as to whether they are going to buy from your business.

Here at Revised Edition, we are skilled in creating irresistible product photography and offer the full food photography package from dish concepts all the way through to cooking, styling, and of course photography.

We can take your ideas and develop these or create an entirely new look from scratch, either way it will be delicious!

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Beverage Styling Photographer

Beverage Styling and Photography


Good food is almost always accompanied by a good beverage so it is no surprise that beverage photography is one of our specialties.

We create beverage photography that is creative, playful, and most importantly reflective of your brand. If your project requires us to perhaps create some cocktails, no problem – we have a number of cocktail shakers ready and waiting.

We are happy to take your direction on how your beverage is best served or we can supply you with an all-new concept that’s unique to your brand.

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